Bat Speed and Arm Strength Classes

These 1 hour classes are more than just a work out! Throughout the duration of the program,we will focus on mechanics to create an efficient swing and throwing motion. This alone will help develop more bat speed and throwing velocity. Then, with our various drills we will increase strength and see improvements in bat speed and arm strength.
We will use overload & under-load training for both bat speed and arm strength. Bratt Heavy Bats will be used to do various exercises to build up strength in athletes’ hips, shoulders, & core. Driveline weighted balls will be used, as we see fit, to develop arm strength. This will help condition athletes’ arms and teach them to use their legs.
All classes will be on Saturday’s
9:00 – 10:00 AM
Classes start October 26th
Classes end March 21st.
There are 20 Total classes
We are offering single session and packages
Single Session: $30
5 Pack: $125 ($25/class)
10 Pack: $225 ($22.50/class)
15 Pack: $300 ($20/class)
20 Pack: $350 ($17.50/class)
ESP or GSP Add-On Special:
20 Pack: $150
This is only for those who are enrolled in GSP or ESP.
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