Teaching proper technique for injury prevention and strength


Develop more velocity and bat speed through movement and mechanics


Training to recruit fast twitch muscle in baseball specific movements

The results from ESP are in! All 40 kids involved in ESP saw increases in their bat speed and velocity! 

Bat Speed Increase

In order for us to help increase bat speed we had to break down their mechanics and build strength. We were able to use the Saturday classes to work on mechanics and then moved on to use heavy bats to build strength. Each age group increased and stayed consistent in their growth.

JR. Pull Down Velocity

With the athletes in the junior division we focused on fixing their throwing mechanics and building up strength so their body would allow them to throw harder. Once they were mechanics and strength were in in sync we started to see increases in velocity.

HS Pull Down Velocity

With our High School athletes, we looked to develop velocity by working on mobility in their shoulders and adding full body strength. Our high school athletes had a lot of mobility issues, this was hindering their velocity. Once mobility was added we saw increases in velocity.

Welcome to the next level in training.

With ESP, you will:

  • Develop more velocity and bat speed through movement and mechanics
  • Learn proper technique for Injury Prevention and to get the most out of each lift or drill
  • Players will have incorporation of throwing motion and pitching mechanics for off-season program, while strengthening the body, arm, and core at the same time
  • Pre-Test and Post Test numbers were provided
  • Promote health and conditioning to increase performance and arm strength through Weight Lifting, Crossover Bands, Med Ball. (Limited weighted ball throwing)
  • Light load, high speed training to recruit more fast twitch muscle fibers in baseball specific movements
  • We will increase throwing velocity through increased soft tissue integrity and strength
“Thank you FSA for a great 6 month ESP training course. I was able to increase my bat speed by 14mph and topped out 11mph faster on pull down velo. Instructors pushed me hard, but the classes were fun, and I learned a lot. Bonus was making some new friends!! Thank you Coach Brian, Coach Danny, and Coach Ben.”

-Cole Savino

14U Indiana Prospects

“Very positive experience with Fishers Sports Academy and ESP Sports Performance program. My 14 yr old added 19 mph on bat speed and 15 mph on throwing and added 6 lbs of muscle. Excellent work by Brian, Danny, and Ed on technique and speed training”

-Mark Gallamore, father of Matt (14U)

“Brian helped me in all aspects of my game this year from hitting for power, to speed and arm strength. I felt like I had more power to the gaps and speed to stretch singles into doubles.” -Greyson Droste, HSE 2019

Greyson had a fantastic junior year. He hit .378 with 9 Doubles. His 7 home runs was 5th in the state for 4A.

“Brian’s softball and baseball classes have helped me improve in all aspects of the game. I have been able to pick up a lot more speed on the base paths and steal more bases. Brian’s classes have also helped me gain strength for throwing and hitting. I have noticed a huge difference in my performance, and I would highly recommend Brian’s classes” -Abby Taylor, HSE 2019 Butler Softball commit

Abby lead the Hoosier Crossroads Conference in stolen bases this past season

“During my freshman year I was throwing 71-73 MPH on the mound. After working with Brian, my velocity on the mound went up to 76-78 MPH. Adding strength and mobility in my shoulders and hips I felt a lot more confident on the mound and felt a lot healthier.” – Mason Sweeney, FHS 2021
“Brian has done a lot for my body and my game. I have always battled aches and pains and it effected how I have played. Brian got my 60-yard dash and that lead to me winning the Marucci Fastest Man last summer. Adding mobility and strength helped me stay healthy during our State Championship season at Fishers” -Jalen Woolwine, FHS 2019, Miami University baseball commit

Jalen ran a 6.31 60-yard dash and won the Marucci Fastest man competition

“Joining Brian’s classes was one of my best decisions. Working with him has improved my speed and strength immensely. I had my best school and summer ball season in 2018 after working with Brian. I was faster and had more power.” -Courtney James, FHS 2020 Northern Illinois Softball Commit

Why choose FSA Programs?

  • Personal Training Environment
  • Each Student will be provided with exercises and expertise that can be used outside the Elite Strength Program for at home workouts
  • Brian has been training Athletes in the Sports Performance for years. His research on Band work and his movement screenings will customize the package for individual athletes