Fielding Classes 

Fielding classes will be led by Austin Stout, who played for the Indiana Prospects then moved on to play at Northern Illinois. Austin will break down fielding to the very basics of their feet, body position, fielding the ball and then throwing.

These classes will focus on drills that work on fundamentals and correct bad habits. Then the focus will shift to getting a lot of repetitions to build good habits and practice.


When we first signed up our son Jack (9 years old at the time) for the fielding class he was not excited about it at all. I had to practically drag him to the first class but once he got there he did not want to leave!  The progress that he made each week was amazing. He was night and day different from the first week to the second week. Then night and day different again from the second week to the third week. By the end of the camp he was right there with the hanging high school kids. His confidence improved right along with his fielding and throwing. And most importantly it transferred to the field in the spring. I just signed him up for the camp again this year.

-Dan Borzymowski

Session One:

Sessions Two – Four: Classes will be on Tuesdays, starting November 27 & ending December 18th.

8 – 11u: 5:00-6:00 PM

12 – 14u : 6:00-7:00 PM