How To Sign Up for Classes

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_btn title=”Follow this link to sign up ” link=”|||”][vc_column_text]This is for all people that have purchased the 10/10 Bat Speed and Arm Strength Program for either the High School or Junior Division. This will be your guide to signing up for classes or how to edit what you already have if need be.

***We recommend that you only do one bat speed and one arm strength per week and try to come on consecutive weeks, this gives you time to recover and get the most out of the program***

Below are the instructions to sign up


You should now see this screen

If you signed up on your own you set up the username and password, if you did it over the phone or at the facility your username and password will be the parent who signed up first initial followed by last name. If you have trouble signing in give us call, 317-436-4772 and ask for Ben and we will fix it for you right then and there.

After you sign you may be prompted to complete 2 tasks, one is your interests that way we can get you on our email lists and a waiver that needs to be completed. Then you need to hover your mouse over the Scheduling tab towards the top of the page, the select Camps/Classes as shown below.

You will see a screen with a lot of Grey boxes in the middle of the page, this is were you can select either Junior Bat Speed Program, High School Bat Speed Program, High School Arm Strength Program or Junior Arm Strength Program. Some of the boxes are circled below as an example

You can click on them to view the classes and times. I would suggest to look over the dates and times then either on a piece of paper or some sort of word doc to write down your dates and times that you want for both classes. Something like this.

This will make your life a lot easier, there is a two minute clock that I unfortunately cannot change. When you have your whole list you can go through and schedule, add them to your cart and checkout for all of them at one time.

Then you can go back to selecting the grey button that says Arm Strength Program or Bat Speed and add all the classes that you want to your cart. You do this by selecting Sign Up on the far right column. Then it will prompt you to select the family member, if it is only one name just select that name, if your son or daughters name is on there and they are the ones that you purchased the membership for then you will select that name and press add to cart. The screen you will see is shown below

After you do this for all your 20 of your classes, you will select View My Cart & Checkout in the upper right corner of the screen, you can see it in the picture above. It’s the small grey rectangle.

You will be taken the checkout screen. Look at the Payment Method, make sure that it says member credit as shown in the picture

If it does not say Membership Credit Available, click the trashcan next to all of them that do not say Membership Credit Available, that is a glitch in the system that we are hopefully done with but if it happens DO NOT PAY FOR THESE CLASSES, you already did that when you bought the memberships.

Once you are all set you will click to Continue to Checkout, then one the next page you will click on Continue with Payment and Scheduling and you should be all set.

Again if you have questions call us 317-436-4772 and ask for ben[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]