December 15 Holiday Grand Slam Overnight!

Drop Off the Kids and Go Shopping for the Holidays!! Its a Win-Win!!

ONLY $100


3 Hours of Offense/Defense Instruction, Skills Competition, Team Challenges, Wiffle Ball Tournament, A Movie with Popcorn , Breakfast, Hitting Circuit and Competition, and a T-Shirt WHAT TO BRING Sleeping Bag. Pillow. Tennis Shoes. 2 T-Shirts. 2 Pairs of Socks. Baseball Bag. Baseball Bat. Baseball Glove. Batting Helmet. Batting Gloves. Toothbrush. toothpaste. 2 Pairs of Underwear. Water Bottle (Optional). Money for Concessions!

Drop off is at 4:30pm on Friday December 15th and Pick up is Saturday December 16th at 8am.

Follow the link below to sign up! Once you sign up you will receive an email with a waiver, emergency contact information, etc.

Sign Up Here, Click Overnight Camp on the Page