Welcome to the first Weekly Showcase! This is very focused on our high school members this week but as we get more into the season we want feature the younger travel teams as well! Submit stats, videos or pictures to ben@fisherssportsacademy.com to be featured!

Greyson Droste (HSE) had a great Saturday double header against Avon! Finished the day 4-7 with 8 RBIs and a three-run homerun. Greyson does lessons with Ed Woolwine and has become more explosive and powerful in our sports performance classes with Brian Griffitts.

Greyson Droste Homerun

Carter Lohman (HSE, Louisville commit) threw in the first game for the Royals this Saturday and had 3 shutout innings with 7 Ks and only gave up one hit. Carter works with Brian Griffitts in our sports performance classes.

Jake Stout (HSE) went 2 for 3 with 5 RBIs in the first game against Avon and had a grand slam for the Royals.

The Fishers Tigers went down to Tennessee for a 4 game trip and played some of the best talent Tennessee has to offer.

Craig Yoho (FHS, Houston commit) had a good week with his first two homeruns of the season. With those two homeruns he ties the Tigers career homerun record with 8. He is also chasing the career record for walks, if he keeps hitting like this he will probably blow that record out of the water. Yoho is not only a member but an employee here at FSA.

Craig Yoho Goes Yard

Kiel Brenczewski (FHS, Navy commit) was hot in the Tigers annual spring break trip. He went 6-14 with 2 monster Homeruns and 5 RBIs. Kiel does lessons with us and is in here working on his swing on the time.

Alex Jamieson (FHS, Huntington commit) started the season off on a good note. He had 2 homeruns for the Tigers.

Alex Jamieson's 2nd Homerun of the trip

Grant Richardson (FHS, IU commit) threw on Saturday for the Tigers in the final game of the trip. He went 4.1 innings with 10 Strikes out only gave up 2 hits. As expected he also had a good weekend at the plate. Grant is in FSA almost every day of the week working on his swing.

Diane Abbott (FHS) started the season hot with a homerun and 4 RBIs in two games.

Diane Abbott's 1st Varsity Homerun

Courtney James (FHS) had 4 doubles in first three games for the Tigers. Courtney works with Brian Griffitts to get even faster and loosen up her hips to get more power.

Courtney James' 4th double of the weekend

Brooke Benson (FHS, IU commit) started hot as well. She went 4-9 with 5 RBIs and her first homerun of the season this week

Brittany Ford (Cathedral, IU commit) opened her senior season on fire. Through their first 6 games she is 10-18 with 11 RBIs and 2 Homeruns. In a double header Saturday, she went 6-6. With all the work she put in this off season we don’t see her slowing down any time soon.

Abby Taylor (HSE, Butler commit) went 5-7 in two games for the Royals. Abby is one of the hardest working athletes we have here. She is in constantly working on her swing and fielding as well as working with Brian Griffitts to get even faster than she already is!