ZEPP Swing Analysis at FSA

Receive a full swing analysis from Fishers Sports Academy.

“Before you spend money on Private Instruction let us diagnose where you are from a technical standpoint, and then attack our off-season goals!!”
Ed Woolwine
Owner / Lead Hitting Instructor

Players will be evaluated in a 45 minute, 1 on 1 setting, through a battery of offensive test.

  • Get tested on their optimal Swing Velocity. This number shows simply how fast the barrel of the bat is getting through the zone.  This is a tool that college and Pro scouts use to evaluate talent every year.
  • Be tested on Exit Velocity both on a Tee and through underhand front toss. This measurable number shows how efficient the hitters Bat Path works in cohesion with their Swing Velocity. Take swings using Zepp Technology. Zepp is a bat tracking system that syncs bat path from a single monitor to an Ipad showing every strength and flaw in a persons swing.

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